We've lowered our target

We originally set our fundraising target at £350,000 when we launched our share offer on 1st May last year. That was based on the advertised price of £325,000 for the Tally Ho, together with an allowance for legal fees, and start-up costs.

Now that we’ve agreed a purchase price for the Tally Ho that’s considerably lower than the advertised price, we’ve realised that we’re not going to need all that money so we’ve lowered our target to £300,000. That’s good news because it immediately bumps up the bubbling pub-o-meter at the bottom of every page of this website. It’s definitely a glass more than half full now ! It good news for our existing investors too, who immediately own a larger share of the Tally Ho.

We’ve also extended our share offer again, to the 31st March, so you can still buy shares, and still benefit from the Enterprise Investment Scheme. Our Share Prospectus has been updated to show the new target and closing date.