Tally Rocks despite the Snow

The recent snow brought Littlehempston and the Tally to a halt, but not for long. The pub was cut off all Thursday and manager, Ian, reported seeing nobody for 24 hours – rather relaxing, he confessed. But his peace was soon disturbed, when committee member Anna Ash put out the call: “Let’s keep the pub open! Ian will be serving drinks, so if you fancy putting on your snow shoes and popping round to the pub we could have some fun. Kids welcome! There’s no gas – but we can keep food hot on the electric stoves in the kitchen, so if anyone would like to make a soup or a stew and bring it along to fundraise for the new roof – that would be very welcome.” Locals appeared through the snow with home-cooked food, and £60 was raised for the roof fund from the sales of home-made soup, stews and bread. Comments afterwards included: “Thank you Anna, for organising the pub being open last night and for everyone who helped out and made such wonderful food. It was such a lovely, cosy, feel good evening. ” “Littlehempston rocks, thank you, thank you, great night!” “The Rally round the Tally spirit still lives on.” Can’t wait for the next snow-fall!