Community Space Annual Meeting

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Come along and help celebrate another successful year for the Community Space, Littlehempston’s “village hall”. Your support to help celebrate what’s been achieved will be much appreciated, as are any ideas for the coming year. For those of you new to the village, the Space in the church provides lots of activities whilst raising the money to keep our beautiful church open for all. (It was threatened with closure 6 years ago, which is why the Community Space was set up).

There’ll be a brief look at how last year went, elections of our new Space Team. and then discussion of ideas for 2017. All suggestions welcome! Please come if you can. Don’t worry about having your arm twisted to do something – all our volunteers are willing! But it is just good to know that people support the Space!

After the meeting, why not stay and have a meal? We’ll be taking over one end of the pub for the meeting, so we can all eat together. Just book in with the Tally, phone 01803 862316 or use the contact form.