Monthly Archives: August 2017

Goodbyes and Hellos

Kim and Ian

It’s been a turbulent time at the Tally over the last few weeks with the departure of our management team, Rachel and Marc. All were delighted however with the return of locum management couple, Kim and Ian, who take over the helm, while permanent staffing is being put in place. Rachel and Marc have put in a lot of hard and useful work with some innovative ideas during their short tenure at the Tally and we wish them good luck in their future careers.

It was smiles all round with the immediate arrival of old hands, Kim and Ian, who helped out last year. The Tally was heaving last Friday, as regulars turned out to provide a welcome for this popular couple, who are delighted to be back to provide a warm and friendly welcome in their “favourite” pub. Ideas for refreshing the menu are in the pipeline already, so why not come along and enjoy the “Rally round the Tally” atmosphere, while enjoying good company and food?