Monthly Archives: December 2014

Pub-o-Meter passes two-thirds of a pint

It’s time to raise your glasses once again – we’ve sold over £200,000 worth of shares! So we’re getting ever closer to our target of £300,000. More good news is that we might not need that much. A repayment of £10,000 has already been made on the outstanding loan of £100,000 from the Architectural Heritage Fund and the steady income from the pub is covering other costs. So we could decide to lower our target and close our share offer early!

Those of you who bought shares in August and September should get a nice Christmas present from the taxman, as we’ve now received the paperwork to let you claim back 30% of your investment from HMRC, if you’re a taxpayer. Not a bad return in the current climate, so if you’re considering investing, or you know of anybody who is, this is a good time. And what better seasonal gift than a pub? The opportunity won’t be there for ever!

You can keep on eye on how sales of shares are doing with our amazing Pub-o-Meter on the Tally Ho’s Share Offer page.